Northeast Holy Trinity Church (NEHTC)


Vice-Bishop Carroll Frederick, Pastor

Deacon Robert Bryan, Sr., Chairman

Deacon Mark Dunbar, Assistant Chairman

Chairman Robert Bryan, Sr., Treasurer

Evangelist Valerie Jackson, Church Clerk

Deaconess Elsie Bess, 1st Assistant Church Clerk

Sister Shenoa Carter, 2nd Assistant Church Clerk

Evangelist Laura Gamble, President of the Missionary Board

Deaconess Gloria Bryan, Sunday School Superintendent

Deacon Clarence Mobley, Sunday School Assistant Superintendent

Deaconess Rachel Whyte, Chairlady

Deaconess Gloria Bryan, Assistant Chairlady

Deaconess Grace Mobley, Financial Secretary



The Northeast Holy Trinity Church has a phone ministry.  You can dial (202) 547-8252, follow the prompt and listen to the prayer line.