Northeast Holy Trinity Church (NEHTC)


Vision, dedication, prayer—these may be termed the "seed plot" from which sprang the embryo, impregnated on Friday, October 24, 1932 (more than fifty years ago) through a series of cottage prayer meetings that culminated in the organization of a little church. It is now the stately Northeast Holy Trinity Church of Washington, DC.

In retrospect, from a beginning of weekly prayer meetings, to behold the distance that God has led us—and to comprehend the breadth of His graciousness through the years—portrays a heritage that we claim with pride and thankfulness.

Having learned of the new and living way and finding Christ precious to their daily living, these persons: Elder Kent Holmes, Elder Samuel Humes, Brother Charles Nelson, Sister Viola Holmes, Sister Luvenia Persons, Sister Ruth Pearson and Sister Margaret Scott, met in the home of Elder and Sister Holmes, 717 6th Street, N.E., for prayer. Brother Frazier Kennedy, the only unsaved person present, was justified by faith in this first meeting. He proceeded thereafter to tell everyone about the rich blessings and sweet fellowship abounding in these services. As time passed, out of this fellowship of worshippers a group of young men banded together and formed the "Young Men Holiness Workers." For about five years, attendance at the weekly prayer services and the services of the Young Men Holiness Workers steadily increased. Many souls were saved, sanctified, and baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire; and the sick were healed. On September 11, 1936, the Friday prayer services were moved to the Church of the Holy Trinity, 1618 llth Street, N.W., Washington, DC, the church home of the group.


After almost five years of fruitful laboring, it seemed good to the Lord to lead the group into an independent organization. On an especially lovely Friday afternoon, June 4, 1937, the organization with 22 charter members became a church fulfilling all the duties and commandment of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and was incorporated under the code of law governing churches in the District of Columbia as "The Northeast Holy Trinity Church," Elder Kent T. Holmes, Pastor. Elder Holmes was licensed to the ministry in 1930 under the pastorate of the late Elder Louis T. Chapman and was ordained under the pastorate of the late Elder Howard H. Hennings in 1932. Brothers James Harris, Frazier Kennedy and Osceola Jackson were licensed to the ministry of the Word of God in 1937.

Through fasting, praying and praising God, the church grew in grace and the knowledge of a loving Father. Many sick recovered through prayers of the saints. Mrs. Leopard was healed after the doctor had said that there was no hope for her recovery. Mrs. Burrell was healed of tuberculosis; Sister Eunice Greene was healed and also many others often after having been sick for many years.

The Young Men Holiness Workers and individual groups went about ministering to the sick and shut-ins in hospitals and homes. They offered encouragement, taught and prayed until souls found deliverance from the bondage of sin. Membership increased from 22 to 35 over the next six-year period. Study group sessions were held as the saints endeavored to understand and rightly divide the Word of God. Other activities included the Sunday School, the Sewing Circle and a church choir. Worship services were held in homes and rented buildings.


In 1944, Sunday morning and Wednesday night worship services were held in a rented church building at 1015 V Street, N.W. Other services continued to be held in homes. On September 11, 1944, a company of the brethren met and formed an organization named the Federation of Holy Trinity Churches, Inc., which was incorporated under the D.C. Code of Law governing churches on S eptember 12, 1944. Its purposes were to further the Gospel, to help Holiness churches which were not self-supporting, and to establish Apostolic Faith Churches.


Fifteen members were added to the roll in 1945. On May 27, 1945, Elder Osceola R. Jackson, Elder Frazier W. Kennedy, Elder Arthur E. Brooks and Elder John Hasty were ordained. On Thursday, June 25, 1945, the inaugural service of the Federation of Holy Trinity Churches, Inc. was held at the Northeast Holy Trinity Church, 1015 V Street, N.W. The first annual Holy Convocation was held during the week of September 16th. Mother Zula Rhynes of Charlotte, NC was baptized with the Holy Ghost during these services. On November 25, 1945, Deacon Ethan A. Bess was licensed to the ministry.


The saints continued steadfastly in prayer and worship services continued in homes and the church. The second annual Holy Convocation was held at the 12th Street Christian Church in 1946. During the Thursday noon Young Peoples worship service, Sister Mary Dempsey was filled with the Holy Ghost, and during the Sunday morning worship service, Sister Viola Franklin also received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.


By 1947 worship services were held exclusively in homes. Early in the year we were blessed to find and purchase a suitable site, 709 4th Street, NJE., and construction of the basement church building began. Two members were added. On September 28, 1947, Elder Luvie J. Carter was ordained.


With much praise and thanksgiving to God, we gathered on Sunday, February 29, 1948, to dedicate our church home to the service of God. Bishop Kent T. Holmes prayed the dedicatory and Bishop Samuel L. Humes delivered the message. On July 19, 1948, ministerial licenses were issued to Elder Golden Foster, and on September 2, 1948, missionary licenses were issued to Missionaries Delsie Rogers and Minnie Pinkard. Fifteen members and one seeker were added to the church roster.


During the following year, 1949, the saints continued in prayer and fasting. The Willing Workers Prayer Band was organized under the leadership of Sister Eleanor Jackson and the Bible Class was organized by Mother Ida Hasty. Nine souls found Christ and one was reclaimed. In September 1949, Elder Ethan A. Bess was ordained and a license was issued to Missionary Annie B. Griffin.


In June 1950, Sister Mary McGuine was elected church clerk after serving as assistant to Elder Osceola R. Jackson for five years. Ten new members joined the fold. The steadily increasing number of younger people necessitated an avenue for youth participation. New classes were added to the Sunday School department and a choral group (which later became the Senior Chorus) was organized under the leadership of Sis. Eleanor Jackson, with Sister Anna R. Griffin, pianist. We Korean War gave priority for building materials to governmental ana military uses. We sought a solution through prayer and supplications to God. Six souls were saved, and eight members and one seeker were added to our number.


Many blessings were realized in 1951 as the saints persevered with prayers Brothers Willie Young, Samuel Canty, and Rayfield Griffin were appointed to serve on the Deacon Board. Permission was granted to build and preparation began for the completion of our church building.


During 1952, ten new members and five seekers joined the church family. Pews, an organ and a piano were purchased. Stained glass windows were donated by saints and the building contractor. On Sunday, April 13, 1952, the complete edifice was dedicated to the service of God. We could but offer praise and thanksgiving to God for the realization of our earnest petition to Him.


This spiritual ecstasy prevailed in 1953. Nine souls were sweetly saved. The Youth Fellowship was organized under the direction of Missionary Delsie Rogers. The main auditorium was air-conditioned and the ministry of Sister Lillie Mae Canty was approved.


The fires of spiritual enthusiasm grew steadily into 1954. A month of continual revival services conducted by Elder Thomas C. Bullock yielded many blessings. Souls were saved, the sick healed and saints renewed to fight the good fight of faith. Ten members were added to the church family. The initial Sunday School Convention was held at the Northeast Holy Trinity Church on July 23-25, 1954. Ministerial licenses were issued to Deacon Willie C. Young and Brother James M. Cannon. A Junior Church group was organized under the leadership of Sister Mary L. McGuine and Brother S. Samuel Bess to utilize existing talents and capabilities of the vast number of young people gathered into the fold and to further the cause of Christ and His kingdom.


Early in 1955, the musical staff was supplemented by the formation of the Junior Chorus with Sisters Anna Rae Griffin and Rosie Bullock as musicians. Ten souls found Christ, and one returned to the fold. The next Sunday School Convention of the Federation of Holy Trinity Churches, Inc., convened at the Northeast Holy Trinity Church, July 22-24, 1955, with General Superintendent, Elder Ethan A. Bess, presiding.


We recall 1956 as one of our banner years for soul winning. Our labors harvested thirty new soldiers, all born within the camp. Thanksgiving filled our services as we praised God for this great deliverance from the bondage of sin. Sister Catherine Quivis supervised a two-week session of Vacation Bible School. The attendance was overwhelming. Twelve souls found Christ in 1957. Brothers Mack Harrington, Johnny Rogers, James Johnson, Thaddean Jackson and Zelon Jackson were appointed to serve as Deacons, and the church approved the ministry of Sisters Hazel McClain and Leola Drummond.


In 1958, fourteen souls were born through prayer; two returned with joyous repentance. We accepted the ministry of Brother Elmer Dunbar and Sisters Catherine Quivis and Annie Mitchell.


The main auditorium was decorated with new lighting fixtures in 1959. Four members were added to the church family. The Radio Chorus was formed under the leadership of Brother Herman M. Baylor.


On Sunday, February 28, 1960, the initial broadcast service, "Voice in the Wilderness," was aired over station WOOK. A large audience of the Metropolitan Area enjoyed these Sunday evening worship services for almost five years. A series of tracts written by Brother William Chatman were published and distributed. We welcomed three new members.


The annual Sunday School Convention was held July 21-23, 1961, at the Northeast Holy Trinity Church. Four members joined the church family.


During the year of 1962, three returned to Christ and fifteen found Him in the new birth of full salvation. We purchasd a new piano for the lower auditorium. The church approved the appointment of Brothers Howard Latney, James Douglas, Burley Kearney and William Herndon to the Deacon Board.


The Helping Hand Chorus was organized out of a Youth Fellowship Service. Late in 1963, construction was started on the first enlargement of the church building. Services were interrupted, sometimes postponed. The saints endured patiently through this time of renovation.


The work was completed in 1964. It included: additional seating capacity with new pews, an extended pulpit and recessed choir loft in the main auditorium; two additional stained glass windows at the front of the church; Sunday School rooms, ladies lounge I nursery and storage rooms on the lower level. A decorative iron fence enclosed the front yard and a chain link fence enclosed the back. The church approved the ministry of Sister Marie G. Bell and added three members.


We welcomed six new members to the church family in 1965. A new auxiliary, The Young Peoples Holiness League, was established in the church on November 5, 1965. In 1966, we accepted the ministry of Brothers S. Samuel Bess and William C. Chatman. New chairs for the choir loft were obtained and the entire edifice air- conditioned. Three souls were reclaimed and twenty-one new members joined our number.


In 1967, thirteen were saved and one reclaimed. A ladies dressing room was added. Built-in storage seats were erected in the choir loft and a new roof was added to the building. The Deaconess Board designed pulpit covers to use at funerals and for Communion worship. The Flower Committee was organized by Sister Verdia Lewis after the death of Sister Eula Sommerford. The church approved the Ministry of Brothers Donald Cooke and Kent Humes. We were host church for the Annual Sunday School Convention.


Three new members were welcomed in 1968. The main auditorium was painted and a rear entrance was erected. Sisters Mary Worthy, Ella LeMons, Grade Douglas and Martha Dunbar were appointed to serve on the Deaconess Board. We purchased a typewriter and an adding machine; and a telephone extension was placed on the lower level.


In 1969, eight souls found Christ. Deacon Howard Latney was elected to serve as Secretary of the Deacon and Trustee Boards. Sunday night worship services were rescheduled for 7:00 p.m.


In 1970, seven members were welcomed into the church family. On September 26, 1970, Presiding Elder James Harris was elected Bishop. He was consecrated Bishop in the Federation of Holy Trinity Churches, Inc. in a special service held October 28, 1970. The church purchased the dwelling at 615 4th Street, N.E., we also purchased a microphone for the pulpit. The church anniversary date was moved to be celebrated beginning the third Sunday in June.


In 1971, Brother Sammie Williams was appointed to the Deacon Board and Sister Bertha Humes was appointed to the Deaconess Board. We accepted the ministry of Sisters Grade Bell and Louise Sutton; we added eight to the church roll and purchased robes for the Holiness League Chorus. The Vineyard Workers were organized under the direction of Brother Clarence Mobley.


In 1972, ten members were added to our number. We accepted the ministry of Deacon James Douglas and Sister Edith Brown; and we elected Sister Eleanor Jackson and Elder S. Samuel Bess to edit an anniversary booklet, "Federation of Holy Trinity Churches, Inc. -- 1944 to 1972." We purchasd new padding for the pews, additional chairs for the pulpit and carpeting for the choir and pulpit area. The year 1973 was another banner year for soul winning. Twenty-two were saved and two reclaimed. Brother Columbus Burrell, Sr., was elected to the Deacon Board and the ministry of Brother Shade Sutton and Sisters Betty J. Love and Eleanor Jackson were accepted. The church purchased a van for Sunday School transportation and carpeting for the altar area of the lower auditorium.


Late in the year of 1974, construction was started on the second major enlargement of the church. Services were again interrupted, but nine souls were born into the camp. A lending library furnished by donations and bequests was established on the lower level. Sister Lillian Frederick served as leader of this endeavor.


Construction continued through the early months of 1975. One member was reclaimed and five new members were added to the church family. The ministry of Sister Thelma Herndon was accepted. Wall-to-wall carpeting, new pews, lighting fixtures and a needy chest were added to our new spacious quarters. The church office was remodeled and redecorated. Three stained glass windows were added at the rear of the church. Both the main and lower auditoriums were painted. On July 6, 1975, at 11:00 a.m., a dedication service was held in conjunction with our 38th Church anniversary observance. It was a beautiful service of praise and thanksgiving for the blessings of a loving Father.


In January 1976, Presiding Elder Emeritus Ethan A. Bess, Sr., became the Assistant Pastor of the Northeast Holy Trinity Church. We received eleven new members and three returned to the shelter of the fold. Brother Merle Bess was elected reporter for the Federation of Holy Trinity Churches newspaper.


During the year of 1977 eight were saved and two reclaimed. We approved the ministry of Brother Dannie T. Williams and Sister Mary Richardson. The church purchased the dwelling at 715 4th Street, N.E. and Missionary Marie G. Bell bequeathed the dwelling at 4920 Illinois Avenue, N.W. to the church.


On July 21-23, 1978, we hosted the Silver Anniversary of the Sunday School Convention, Federation of Holy Trinity Churches, Inc. We accepted the ministry of Deacon Carroll Frederick and appointed Brother Clarence Mobley to serve on the Deacon Board. Deacon Rayfield Griffin was appointed Business Manager. The first Sunday in April was designated as the annual "Youth United for Christ" observance, encompassing the Federation churches, under the leadership of Missionary Louise Sutton and Sister Charlene Kearney. Ten new members joined and two were reclaimed.


Six were saved among us in 1979, and we received seven members into the Church family. Sisters Fannie Bing and Eloise Paige were appointed to the Deaconess Board. The property at 715 4th Street, N.E. was completely renovated. On March 30, 1980, in a special service, Presiding Elder Emeritus Ethan A. Bess, Sr., was consecrated Bishop of the Federation of Holy Trinity Churches. Brother Merle Bess was licensed as a Notary Public in the District of Columbia. The Combined Gospel Choir was organized with Brother Kent Humes and Sister Claudiette E. Young as musicians. Five members joined our number.


Many spiritual blessings were realized during our 1981 church year. Fifteen found Christ in new birth and three returned, joyously repentant. Eighteen were added to the church roll. The church purchased an organ and a new public address system was installed. A Male Chorus was reorganized under the direction of Elder Dannie Williams. We approved the ministry of Sisters Ruth Wilkerson and Charlene Kearney. Deacon Wesley Quivis was elected Chairman of the Deacon and Trustee Board.


The complete edifice was freshly painted in 1982. The Deacon Board welcomed Brothers Merle Bess, Willie Paige and Michael Jackson as deacons. We approved the ministry of Brother Melvin Weary. Sisters Nannie Plummer and Evangeline Sutton were appointed Deaconesses. Six were saved.


In 1983 the church purchased the dwelling at 717 4th Street, N.E., carpeting and pews for the lower auditorium, and carpeting and furnishings for the main lobby and stairway. We added nine new members to our number. The Usher Board and the Flower Committee did a beautiful landscape arrangement of the yards, with flowers and shrubbery; and indoor/outdoor carpeting was installed for the front entrance steps.


In 1984, four were saved and three became members of the church family. A removable center guardrail was erected on the front steps for added ease and protection; and a lighted sign was affixed to the upper front face of the entrance dome for added visibility of the church name and pastor.


In 1985 the church received nine new members. Elder Fitzhugh L. Baskerville was appointed second Assistant Pastor and Brother Michael Carter was appointed to serve on the Deacon Board. Sisters Grace Carter, Willie Wade and Maggie Jackson were appointed to the Deaconess Board. Sisters lola Lipscomb and Verdia Lewis were elected chairpersons of the Deaconess Board. We approved the Ministry of Deacon Michael Jackson. Our purchases included: a baby grand piano; a closed-circuit monitoring system; and new tile, paneling, carpeting and paint for the dressing rooms, restrooms, stairways, entrance lobby and baptismal pool. In May 1986, the Northeast Holy Trinity Church was host to the first annual Missionaries Conference of the Federation of Holy Trinity Churches, Inc. Deacons Wesley Quivis, Charles Quarles, Columbus Burrell, Merle Bess and Michael Carter were appointed to serve as Trustees. Brother Charles Ceaser was appointed to serve as Deacon. We welcomed eight into the church family. Missionary Elizabeth Stewart was appointed to our Missionary Board, and we accepted the Ministry of Deacon Merle Bess and Sister Katurah Ford.


Through many dangers, toils and snares we have come. As we celebrate fifty years of fruitful labor, we can but shout and praise God for His wonderful works, and our many blessings. We go forth into our fifty-first year with joyous expectation for we know that God will lead the church onward. WE MUST GO FORWARD.

With a pastor who has dedicated his life to the service of God and who has not hidden the loving-kindness of God—and with a faithful people—the Northeast Holy Trinity Church moves on to greater heights.

The Church was founded on the Bible—the bedrock of Christianity—and the Church affirms the Bible to be the Word of God. The Church teaches the doctrine of Holiness as taught by Jesus and His apostles: that men are born in sin, therefore, they are dead in trespasses and sins. Men are thereby brought into captivity to the law of sin—evil hearts, unholy passions, and depraved affections predominating. They are out of the ark of God. This has been universal since Adam fell; people hating not sin, loving not God. Sin is destructive, the cause of all horrors and all thje world's sufferings. Sin—darkening the understanding, searing the conscience, making the will rebellious, and occasioning all tears of sorrow and all pangs of agony—has blasted everything sweet and rolled tides of tragedy far and wide, sweeping all lands with death. But, God has provided a way through Jesus Christ, in whom all beauty and Holiness perfected meet, possesses manhood in its purity and God in its vastness—tears of sympathy for our woes and eyes of fire to wither iniquity. Son of Man! Son of God! The personal voluntary Redeemer! He alone is the everlasting source of human salvation. He alone, by a work consistent with the character of God, can break the power which holds us in chains, avert the punishment which threatens us, fortify with fresh sanction the law which we had broken and, reconciling justice with mercy, open to mankind the fountain of Grace. He has provided the way of truth:

Repentance—Godly sorrow for sins

Justification by faith—being just in the sight of God

Sanctification through the truth—set apart for God's service

Baptism of the Holy Ghost and Fire

Water Baptism—being buried with Christ.

The Northeast Holy Trinity Church teaches divine healing, dressing as becometh saints and the washing of saints' feet. The church firmly believes and teaches that once a man or woman is married, only death gives him or her freedom to marry another. The church believes in God, the Eternal Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. The church further teaches the gift of tongues, prophecy, relevation, the interpretation of tongues, and insists that all of its members live clean, chaste, holy lives.


Elders Kent T. Holmes, Samuel L. Humes, James E. Harris, Frazier W. Kennedy, Osceola R. Jackson, Arthur E. Brooks and Deacon Aria M. Lipscomb met in the home of Elder and Sister Kent T. Holmes, 717 6th Street, N.E., Washington, DC on September 11, 1944 to form an organization in which Holy Trinity Churches could be united. They decided on the name, "The Federation of Holy Trinity Churches," Apostolic Faith. The purpose: to further the Gospel, to help Holiness churches which were not self supporting, and to establish Apostolic Faith churches. Officers elected were:

Kent T. Holmes Bishop (President)

Samuel L. Humes Bishop

James E. Harris Presiding Elder

Frazier W. Kennedy Presiding Elder

Arthur E. Brooks Secretary

Aria M. Lipscomb Treasurer

In a second meeting held October 3, 1944, the Council formed and adopted a constitution to govern all churches belonging to the Federation of Holy Trinity Churches. The Federation was incorporated under code of law in the District of Columbia on Thursday, October 12, 1944.

The Inaugural Service of the Federation of Holy Trinity Churches, Inc. was held on Thursday, January 25, 1945, at the Northeast Holy Trinity Church, 1015 V Street N.W., Washington, DC.

Federation Churches:

Northeast Holy Trinity Church No. 1 - Washington, DC - June 6,1937 Holy Trinity Church Madison County, Virginia - September 11,1944

*Holy Trinity Church File, Virginia - July 7,1945

Holy Trinity Church Suffolk, Virginia - November 25,1948

Holy Trinity Church No. 1 Portsmouth, Virginia - April 28,1951

Holy Trinity Church Richmond, Virginia - March 4,1953

Holy Trinity Church Barboursville, Virginia - August 1,1954

Holy Trinity Church No. 2 Washington, DC (Fairfax, VA) - September 1,1957

Holy Trinity Church Franklinton, North Carolina - April 26,1959

Holy Trinity Church Hopewell, Virginia - March 6,1963 Holy Trinity Church St. Stephens, South Carolina - April 12,1966

Holy Trinity Church Philadephia, Pennsylvania - May 16,1968

Holy Trinity Church Timmonsville, South Carolina - July 18,1980

Holy Trinity Church No. 2 Portsmouth, Virginia - September 25,1976

*Holy Trinity Church Fredericksburg, Virginia - August 1980

Holy Trinity Church Franklin County, North Carolina - May 16,1982

Holy Trinity Church Baltimore, Maryland - March 18,1984

Holy Trinity Church Emporia, Virginia - June 3,1984

Holy Trinity Church Driver, Virginia - August 10,1986

*Not operating

June 15th through June 22nd, 1997 was celebration week for our Diamond Church Anniversary. Celebrating sixty years of worship and fellowship evoked nostalgic memories. Treasures of joy and of sadness are all in the Master’s plan.

On February 27, 1998 the diminishing light faded into the sunset like the fleeting morning mist and our Founder and Pastor, Bishop Kent T. Holmes, entered into eternal rest. The torch of leadership passed to a new beginning.

On June 7, 1998, Elder Michael R. Carter, our assistant pastor, was installed as Pastor of the Northeast Holy Trinity Church. Elder Darrell L. Burrell was installed as Assistant Pastor February 10, 2002. Elder Carter served our church faithfully for eight years.

During his tenure, many new programs and activities were established. To name a few-Trinity Bible Institute, Bishop Kent T. Holmes Scholarship Fund, Retreats, community outreach events, phone ministry, and many others. Being led of the Lord to pioneer a new work, on December 31, 2006, our Pastor and Assistant Pastor resigned.

On January 1, 2007, Presiding Elder Sylvester Cooke assumed the position of Acting Pastor and served faithfully for almost nine months.

In September, 2007, Elder Bennie Williams was appointed minister in Charge by the Presiding Bishop and in November 2007, he was elected as our new Pastor.

On January 6, 2008, Elder Bennie Williams was installed as the 3rd Pastor of the Northeast Holy Trinity Church.

We pay tribute to the memory of our Founder and Pastor of sixty-one years – Bishop Kent T. Holmes. We also pay tribute to the memory of Bishop S. Samuel Bess and our past assistant pastors: Bishop Ethan A. Bess, Bishop James Harris and Elder Fitzugh L. Baskerville.

Our circle was again broken last year and this year by the passing of our Senior Elder William C. Chatman and Deaconesses Ethel Brown and Mary Worthy.

Nurtured by dedication and guided by prayer and a faithful people, the Northeast Holy Trinity Church moves on to greater heights.

There have been some programs added and re-established and they are as follows:

On Wednesday nights at 7:00pm, Intercessory prayer was added before the 8:00pm mid-week service.  The Intercessory Prayer has been a blessing to the church and our services. 

The Bible Study was re-established by our Pastor on Fridays at 7:30pm, which, afterwards, prayer and praise service.

On Saturdays at 11:00am, the Outreach ministry was re-established. 

For the first time, our local church hosted the 2008 October Explosion service of the Federation of Holy Trinity Churches Sunday School. The church was filled with children roughly about 50 or more, and adults and visiting saints and the Lord truly blessed in the first October Explosion Service.  The theme was: "Come to Jesus"

The first “Secret Sisters” meeting was held in April, in the home of 1st Lady Cynthia Williams.  The secret sisters were revealed at a Christmas Fellowship.  That was a breath of fresh air. All the sisters enjoyed the fellowship.

In February 2009, the church hosted its first Family and Friends day.  Deacon Rayfield Griffin and Deaconess Verdia Lewis were recognized for their dedication as well as senior members in the church. We had over 30 visitors on family and friends day.

As the Church moves forward into its 73rd year, we are expecting miracles of healing, salvation of souls, souls to be added to the church as we press toward the mark of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus. By Faith, we are believing God for greater things in our midst because God is with us, and he has promised never to leave us or forsake us. As the song says, “Let’s go forward, we can’t turn around, Let’s go forward, til we reach the top, oh, no, we can’t stop, no matter what the cost: We’ll work until the end.” God Bless!