Northeast Holy Trinity Church (NEHTC)


Bishop Kent Thomas Holmes


            Bishop Kent Thomas Holmes, Founder and Pastor of the Northeast Holy Trinity Church, was esteemed by his congregation as a “Unique Shepherd,”  beloved and revered.


            Born on January 3, 1903, the third of nine children of the late Gordon Thomas and Hasaltine Early Holmes, Wolftown, Madison County, Virginia.  Far upon the forest-clad banks of the Virginia foot-hills, he grew to manhood in a congenial family environment surrounded by an assortment of pets.  Intrigued by the mysteries hidden amid the forests; the answers to the questions suggested by these observations became the quest of his young life.  At a very young age, he was converted and baptized in water at the Rock Hall Baptist Church in Madison County, Virginia.  Thereafter, obvious signs of a spiritual change in his life were clearly evident.


            On February 16, 1929 he was married to Miss Viola Hannah Pearson.  A series of weekly prayer services started in June of 1932 in their home, at 717 6th Street, N.E., Washington, DC.  Out of these services the Northeast Holy Trinity Church was organized on June 4, 1937.


            Mother Viola H. Holmes, his bride of many years and “flower” of inspiration, served lovingly at his side.


            The Federation of Holy Trinity Churches was organized in their home in September 1944.  The Federation Bible Institute also thrived under his tutelage.


            He was an eloquent speaker, a distinguished leader and teacher, and a dynamic Gospel preacher with a spiritual career of service to mankind spanning more than fifty-five years of conscientious loyalty.


            Bishop Holmes loved the church and served it with unreserved consecration.  His humility was Christ-like.  His dedication was wholly righteous.  His holy enthusiasm and serenity provided a channel through which the Holy Ghost found unhindered expression.


            The knowledge of his faith was widespread.  Intricate circumstances of varying medium have been resolved favorably, and momentous milestones have been obtained through faith and the prayers of Bishop Holmes and his prayer warriors.  This same faith testifies of escape from the prison of sin-the bondage of deepest disease.

First Lady

Mother Viola Hannah Holmes


            “A flower,” my flower!  A flower indeed she was!  The glow of spirituality!  These were very befitting of Mother Viola Hannah Holmes , wife of the Founder and Pastor Bishop Kent T. Holmes and church Mother of the Northeast Holy Trinity Church.  Mother Holmes, truly a “lily” of the Lord, accepted these descriptions with much humility, while the sweetness of the aroma radiated from her.


            Mother Holmes, Church Mother, since the inception of the Northeast Holy Trinity Church, resided in the Washington, DC area for many years.   She was born on October 22, 1902, in Walterboro, South Carolina to the late Robert and Mary Pearson.  She attended school in Anniston, Alabama, taking advantage of opportunities that were intellectually stimulating and typical of her studious characteristics.  Her early years of religious exposure were based in the Presbyterian Church.


            In 1920 she came to live with her aunt Mrs. Maude Quander, in Washington, DC.  Sister Ruth Pearson, another aunt invited  her to visit and worship at the Church of the Holy Trinity, 1618 11th Street, NW., Washington, DC.  At this house of worship, on April 16, 1928, Mother Holmes received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, sweetly saved by his grace!


            On a lovely, bright winter day, February 16, 1929, Viola Hannah was joined in Holy Matrimony to Kent Thomas Holmes.  Indeed, they were blessed with a long happy marriage.  It was in their home, 717 6 Street, N.E., Washington, DC that the Northeast Holy Trinity Church was born on June 4, 1937.


            An ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, she had always been the support of her husband. 


            Because of the beauty, the glory and the peace that the many years had unfolded, our late Mother Holmes did cheerfully, joyfully and thankfully worked until Jesus called her home.